Welcome to my online gallery,

Hope that you will enjoy viewing the work as much as I have enjoyed creating it. If you are interested in any of the original work or would like prints of any of the images then please use the contact section.

I am an Artist creating images and use oil paint, digital art, photography and fused glass as a medium.

I discovered my passion for the creative process as an adult, and after doing a foundation course in Cambridge I went on to study for a degree at Central St Martins in London. I graduated in 1996 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting and I have been enjoying the process of image making ever since.

Nature and our relationship with it, inspires me and whether it is from visiting far away places or from visits to my place of birth in Cyprus, or near to home in Cambridge where I live, I am always excited at the prospect of recreating my encountered experience in the studio. An idea starts in the head but it must be felt before a start can be made to interact with the creative process. Putting oil on canvas is always an adventure and a spiritual journey, a way of discovering the personal self. We cannot help but be influenced by art history and all that has gone before, and finding a way of expressing and making visual what I have felt and experienced has been an exciting part of my journey in making art. Renowned female artists like Freda Khalo, Kathe Kolwitz, Georgia O'Keefe, and more contemporary artists like Barbara Rae, Gillian Ayres and many others have been a great inspiration.

I create abstract and semi-abstract multilayered work that has a certain meaning for me, and at the moment I am interested in sky, weather, and landscape. Working in ways that can happen spontaneously but being in control of the process keeps me on this journey of adventure and discovery. Painting intuitively and keen to follow and explore what paint has to say, bringing together opposing forces and finding a way to express the inner self.

I have been exploring abstract work on circles and spheres, squares and circles, hard and soft edge as a way of expressing order and chaos. At the moment I am working on memories of my early years, and what imprinted in the memory of my first encounter with nature. The mountains, the sea, the colour of the earth and sky, the smell of the rain on the hot earth are all needing to be expressed. Colour combination, surface texture and light are elements that have been very important to me in painting, photography, digital artwork and now with fused glass.

Since graduating from Central St, Martins, I have exhibited regularly, in solo and group shows in London and galleries in and around Cambridge, Essex and Cyprus.

I had a solo exhibition in Cyprus in September 2009 and in October 2013 in Larnaca. Work sold has gone to Belgium, Brazil, Australia, USA, China and now Cyprus, as well as being sold locally.

If you are interested in any of the work then please contact me through the contacts section